the pluggable python framework for IRC bots and Twitch bots

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the pluggable python framework for IRC bots and Twitch bots



$ pip install pinhook

Creating an IRC Bot

To create the bot, just create a python file with the following:

from import Bot

bot = Bot(
    channels=['#foo', '#bar'],

This will start a basic bot and look for plugins in the ‘plugins’ directory to add functionality.

Optional arguments are:

Creating a Twitch Bot

Pinhook has a baked in way to connect directly to a twitch channel

from import TwitchBot

bot = TwitchBot(

This function has far less options, as the server, port, and ssl are already handled by twitch.

Optional aguments are:

These options are the same for both IRC and Twitch

Creating plugins

There are two types of plugins, commands and listeners. Commands only activate if a message starts with the command word, while listeners receive all messages and are parsed by the plugin for maximum flexibility.

In your chosen plugins directory (“plugins” by default) make a python file with a function. You use the @pinhook.plugin.register decorator to create command plugins, or @pinhook.plugin.listener to create listeners.

The function will need to be structured as such:

import pinhook.plugin

def test_plugin(msg):
    message = '{}: this is a test!'.format(msg.nick)
    return pinhook.plugin.message(message)

The function will need to accept a single argument in order to accept a Message object from the bot.

The Message object has the following attributes:

It also contains the following IRC functions:

You can optionally use the @pinhook.plugin.ops decorator to denote that a command should only be executable by a bot op.

The function will need to be structured as such:

@pinhook.plugin.ops('!test', 'Only ops can run this command!')
def test_plugin(msg):
    return pinhook.plugin.message('This was run by an op!')

The plugin function can return one of the following in order to give a response to the command:


There are some basic examples in the examples directory in this repository.

Here is a list of live bots using pinhook: